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About us

The history of Airablo began in May 1953 with the creation of A.Pellerin & Fils, a company founded by farmer Archelas Pellerin and his wife Thérèse Larrivée. Originally located in the Eastern Townships, a mountainous region of Quebec rich in agriculture, the company specialized in the distribution of Alfa Laval products. The venture soon enjoyed its share of success, and Mr. Pellerin was soon asked to expand the range of products he distributed. He added water pumps, milking systems and other farm equipment.

Over the years, the family grew. By 1965, the Pellerins' eldest son, Adrien, was actively involved in the business, while the other nine siblings looked after the family farm and their studies.

In 1975, André Pellerin invented the sugar bush tubing washer, giving new meaning to the company. Running on air and water, it was given the name Airablo. From then on, Airablo became synonymous with innovation. It was also at this point that the name Airablo was chosen for new products manufactured by A. Pellerin & Fils.

By 1986, five of the Pellerin brothers were shareholders, and together they had the qualities and skills needed to run the company. It was at this time that, always on the lookout for new ideas, Yvon Pellerin developed a reverse osmosis system for treating maple sap.

The success of this new invention was grandiose, and Airablo captured a large share of the market. When the company ran out of manufacturing space in 1990, the agricultural products retail division was sold. The following year, André Pellerin files a patent application for a dual-function reverse osmosis pump. When the product hit the market, it was like a bomb. Sales of machinery continued to rise, and the vise closed on the competition to such an extent that, since then, around 50% of the devices sold in the maple syrup industry are manufactured by Airablo.

Since maple syrup production is a seasonal business, the company is looking for other products to stabilize its workforce. A forage-feeding robot for cows (round bales, hay and silage) is being developed. Once again, Airablo becomes the leader in this field.

On March 23, 2006, an electrical fire completely destroyed the Saint-Adrien-de-Ham plant, during a busy period in the maple syrup industry. Following this incident, Airablo's management was obliged to temporarily disperse its operations to three locations in Saint-Adrien-de-Ham, and two in Victoriaville, in order to honor its contracts and pursue its activities.

For geographical and strategic reasons, the company relocated to 1050, rue de l'Acadie in Victoriaville on June 15, 2007. The fire also triggered other major changes at Airablo, as François, Mathieu and Vincent Pellerin - the father and his two sons - bought out the shares of the other shareholders in the pressure washing and vacuum pump division. They have also chosen to concentrate their operations in the manufacture of pressure washers and vacuum pumps for the maple syrup, industrial and agricultural sectors.

The company's other two divisions, reverse osmosis and water treatment, were sold to Montreal-based Dominion Grimm, which has a manufacturing plant in Victoriaville. The dairy cow feeding equipment division was relegated to Drummondville-based Val Métal.

Today, Airablo manufactures products under the Airablo and Pomptech brand names, as well as on a subcontracting basis. Research is still an important part of the business, so the future looks very bright. It's this ingenuity that has enabled Airablo to keep evolving, and to continue to listen to its customers by manufacturing custom products.

Since 2007, Airablo has added radiator cooling systems to its vacuum pump systems. These systems are the most reliable and efficient on the market, with a CFM / HP ratio of up to 29hg. As usual, Airablo has innovated with new equipment such as oiler and flood recuperator systems. These radiator systems can be adapted to the vane system that has been on the market since vacuum pumps were first introduced in sugar bushes.

Airablo has also created an electric water release system with a capacity of up to 29hg, enabling water to be transferred to a higher basin while preventing air from entering the system. The system also features adjustable electronic vacuum control with four temperature levels. Airablo has also developed a number of customized systems, including pressure pumps made entirely of stainless steel.

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