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Cadran 4" à glycerine connection au bas 1/2"MNPT acier inoxydable - Airablo

4'' Dial pressure gauges liquid filled lower mount 1/2'' MNPT Brass

  • $15000

Connexion: 1/2" MNPT Stainless steel

Glycerine filled

IMPORTANT: Liquid filled gauges are sealed with a rubber plug to prevent leaking during shipment. Upon installation the tip of the plug must be cut off to allow the equalization of the internal gauge pressure to the atmospheric pressure. FAILURE TO DO SO WILL ADVERSELY AFFECT THE FUNCTION OF THE GAUGE.

GLYCERINE TEMPERATURE RATINGS: Gauges are filled with 100% (99.7% min.) glycerine, which starts to become viscous at +17°C. As temp. decreases, the more viscous glycerine becomes, causing the pointer to move slower to its correct position, it can take several minutes. At -5°C these gauges no longer operate.

0 - 5000 PSI # 01090251

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