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Pump Thermal Protectors 145°F - 147°F

Pump Thermal Protectors 145°F - 147°F

  • $1200

Protects the pump from damaging heat build-up while it is in bypass mode. The thermal relief valve, sensing a rise in temperature, opens and discharges a small amount of heated fluid. This allows cooler water to enter the system and cool the pump. When the gun is discharged the cooler water will cause the valve to close immediately.

• Most consistent temperature range on the market 
• Quickest response to rising temperature 
• Less stress on pump 
• Most cost effective thermal protector in the market 
• Mounts easily in the pump manifold, inlet water supply or bypass loop plumbing

1/4" NPT # 01113416 # 100556
3/8" NPT # 01113347 # 100557
1/2" NPT # 01113343 # 100558

Data sheet (pdf)


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