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Variateur de fréquence 460Volt 3phase TECO - Airablo

Frequency variator 460Volt 3phase TECO

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VFD Drive Teco Westinghouse A510

Used to change automatically the speed of the engine Voltage 460 volt JN5 Communication
High Performance AC Drive. Induction AND PM Motor Control
V/Hz, Sensorless Vector and Closed Loop Vector (option card required)
Constant torque and Variable Torque Ratings
PID Control with Sleep and Wake-Up
Compatible with JN5 Communication Software
VT = variable torque (When you need less power when you decrease the speed Ex: pressure washer, vacuum pump, ventilator etc...)
CT = constant torque (When you need the same power in import only speed Ex: Machine maple butter, screw, gearing, etc...)

#01156033 A510-4001-C3 = VT 2HP/4.1AMPS CT 1HP/3.4AMPS
#01156034 A510-4002-C3 = VT 3HP/5.4AMPS CT 2HP/4.2AMPS
#01156035 A510-4003-C3 = VT 4HP/6.9AMPS CT 3HP/5.5AMPS 
#01156036 A510-4005-C3 = VT 7.5HP/11.1AMPS CT 5HP/9.2AMPS  
#01156037 A510-4008-C3 = VT 10HP/17.5AMPS CT 7.5HP/14.8AMPS 
#01156039 A510-4010-C3 = VT 15HP/23AMPS CT 10HP/18AMPS
#01156040 A510-4015-C3 = VT 20HP/31AMPS CT 15HP/24AMPS
#01156041 A510-4020-C3 = VT 25HP/38AMPS CT 20HP/31AMPS
#01156042 A510-4025-C3 = VT 30HP/44AMPS CT 25HP/39AMPS
#01156043 A510-4030-C3 = VT 40HP/58AMPS CT 30HP/45AMPS
#01156044 A510-4040-C3 = VT 50HP/72AMPS CT 40HP/60AMPS
#01156045 A510-4050-C3 = VT 60HP/88AMPS CT 50HP/75AMPS
#01156046 A510-4060-C3 = VT 75HP/103AMPS CT 60HP/91AMPS
#01156047 A510-4075-C3 = VT 100HP/145AMPS CT 75HP/118AMPS
#01156048 A510-4100-C3 = VT 125HP/165AMPS CT 100HP/150AMPS
#01156049 A510-4125-C3 = VT 150HP/208AMPS CT 125HP/180AMPS
#01156050 A510-4150-C3 = VT 200HP/250AMPS CT 150HP/216AMPS
#01156051 A510-4215-C3 = VT 250HP/328AMPS CT 200HP/295AMPS


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