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Compact vacuum unit (Electric) motor 230volt 1phase

  • $3,40000
  • Save $000

Vacuum pump up to 0.1 "HG from maximum
(29.9 '' HG at sea level and varies with atmospheric pressure)

Pump and motor only no accessories

More compact design for where space is a priority
Voltage 230Volt 1phase a
Also available on all 3phase voltage
and 1.5hp model is available on the 110volt
Rotary vane pump
Flood oil collector
Oil cooler

You need to install a moisture trap and a check valve

The characteristics are modifiable on request
Normal delivery time 2 weeks to be confirmed

We recommend for normal installation
10CFM at 15''hg for every 1000 taps

1.5hp 230Volt 1phase 21ACFM
At 15''HG 8CFM (800 Taps)
# A025F15ER
# A025F15ERB with magnetic starter

3hp 230Volt 1phase 45ACFM
At 15''HG 15CFM (1500 Taps)
# A63F5ERK
# A63F5ERKB with magnetic starter

5hp 230Volt 1phase 71ACFM
At 15''HG 30CFM (3000 Taps) # A100F5ER
# A100F5ERB with magnetic starter

7.5hp 230Volt 1ph VFD 113ACFM
At 15''HG 60CFM (6000 Taps)
# A160F75ER
# A160F75ERB with magnetic starter 

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